Leaving Kahoot!

A year ago, while thinking about and researching future projects, I learned about Kahoot!. Kahoot! is an ed-tech company providing real-time multi-player interactive quiz games, typically used in classroom settings (Kahoot Homepage). While discussing potential projects with a friend of mine, Kahoot! came up. My friend had already been talking to the company and wanted me to take a look at it, the product and the people behind it.

My evaluation of Kahoot! was very positive. At the time it really wasn’t a real company yet, but they did have a pretty decent product already (prototype gone wild!). Usage was growing exponentially with significant numbers already.

As a technology geek and software developer I was asked if I wanted a role as Tech Advisor (Advisory Board Level) to the company. This meant contributing advice to the board and executives in the company. I accepted this offer.

At my previous employer, my two-year project was coming to an end. This meant it was a good time to consider the future and in the end I decided it was a good time to move on. Kahoot! was still growing quickly with virtually no employees and needed lots of help. After some discussions with both the founders of the company and new investors, we agreed I would join the company as a full-time employee where I have been working since.

Time flies! The company now has 20 employees, capital and structure behind it. The company and product is in better shape than ever.

Starting new companies from scratch is a very chaotic experience. Initially there are no clear roles, everybody pitches in where needed at all times. Over time more people get recruited in and companies build structure and more fixed roles. While I’ve had the role of both founder and CTO in many companies, I was neither in Kahoot!. The company more or less outgrew the role I had initially and I was having trouble figuring out where and how people wanted me to contribute.

After some discussions, we agreed to split up. I will no longer be working full-time for Kahoot!. I was (again) offereded and accepted the role as a part-time Tech Advisor (Advisory Board Level) for Kahoot! which I proudly accepted. So “leaving” isn’t strictly true; I will still be involved in the company, but no longer full time.

This means I will be looking for something else to do full-time in the future. I’ve got a couple of projects that I started before joining Kahoot! that I will revisit (I’ll write a separate blog post about this). I will also be talking to people who are looking for people with my experience, be it startups or larger organisations with great ambitions.

So if you’ve got that great idea for a new startup, looking for a (co-) founder or have an exciting business area you need to develop, or even a specific need for people with my experience, I’m available for lunch now! ;-)